Tulika Arora

Best Digital Marketing Coach

5 Successful startups of Varanasi

  1. Media FleetBlue – Media Fleetblue is your go-to hub for digital marketing expertise and training in India. Founded by the dynamic duo, Tulika Arora and Divyansh Raghuvanshi, they offer a diverse range of services, from SEO and SEM to SMM, Website Design, and even Film Production. But there’s more! Say hello to MFBcourses, designed for everyone by Media FleetBlue. Whether you’re a business owner, a marketing enthusiast craving new skills, or a student gearing up for a digital future, MFB courses are the key to unlocking success in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. 
  1.  Mysteria Cafe – It is the biggest food cum gaming cafe of Purvanchal. This cafe offers an array of exciting gaming options to suit every taste. Beyond the cutting edge gaming setups, the cafe beckons with an extraordinary culinary experience, transforming each visit into a celebration of flavors. This place is ultimate destination for those who are foodie & gaming enthusiast.  
  1. E-Garden Stay – E-Garden Stay is the Airbnb vibe in the heart of Benaras, something not very familiar to the locals at first. Pratyush Mahendra is the brain behind E-Garden Stay. Thanks to him, we now have more than 10 flats in Varanasi, with the first one named Shanti. E-Garden Stay isn’t just a place to crash, it’s like a blend of modern comfort with the traditional charm of Benaras. Join us in discovering how this cool idea made its way and thrived in our ancient city.
  1. Luxury Rental Varanasi – Luxury Rentals is curated by founders Suraj Yadav and Raj Yadav. Offering a diverse fleet of the latest model cars, they cater to various categories without compromising affordability. From daily rentals to services like marriage ceremonies, long drives, birthdays, and pickup & drop, they’ve got it all covered. The best economy cars from brands like MERCEDES, BMW, JAGUAR are at your disposal, and notably, all their vehicles have earned the title of the most fuel-efficient options on the market. 
  1. Beggar’s Corporation – Founded by Chandra Mishra, The Beggar’s Corporation  has taken the responsibility of turning beggars into entrepreneurs by converting donations into Social Impact Investments to make beggars work & earn with dignity and create a Begging Free Society. It is the only for-profit company in the world working to make extremely poor creators and owners of wealth. That’s why they have been awarded with Best Social Impact Award.

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