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Meet Tulika Arora, who amalgamates creative research skill to yield a marketing spectrum. She is on a dedicated mission to challenge the future and retrieve incredible outcomes. Are you all set for a Digital Revolution?

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Of course! A business consultant helps you to gain an understanding of what exactly your business needs to succeed. Every business is unique and requires a separate set of business promotions and techniques to help you succeed. A business consultant acquaints you with the steps we often miss while aiming for profits in business.

Yes! Every service needs to have returns. But we understand that initiating a business can be expensive hence, we have devised a minimal fee to get you started and sustain us simultaneously. We hope the process doesn't become a burden on any of us!

We begin our services with a minimal fee of 500/- INR which includes 2 calls or meetings and preparing one digital blueprint of your brand. Furthermore, we design a 1-month social media calendar as well. In addition to all this, we give our constant support with more than 3 strategies to grow online