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Instagram Monetization – Earn 6 Figure Income Through Instagram

Are you fond of Instagram content and Reels?

Do you have any idea that you can earn up to 6 Figures of Income through Instagram? In this blog, you will get a clear idea of How you can earn money through Instagram?

After hearing about Instagram Monetization you will be thinking it is Influencer Marketing but, that is not only a monetization opportunity. Here we will discuss the various concepts of Instagram Monetization.

Meaning of Instagram Monetization

Instagram Monetization refers to earning money through various activities like Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, working with Brands, etc.

In simple words, If you have large followers on Instagram you can promote products or services and you can get money in return.

Instagram Monetization Tools

You have no idea of earning money through Instagram. Now we will be sharing some amazing tools with the help of which you can earn money through Instagram.

1: Instagram Affiliate Tool

Affiliate Tools means Meta’s native affiliate marketing tool on Instagram where you can earn commissions by promoting Affiliate Products.

Affiliate links can be added on Instagram. Generally, links are supported on Instagram Stories, IGTV Descriptions, and Instagram Links in Bio. These are hubs for Instagram Influencers. After a sale is made from that affiliate link, you will be paid for that.

2: Creators Instagram Shops:

Instagram Shops allows creators and influencers to tag brand products in their posts. It creates an exciting way for users to shop straight from Instagram.

Shopping from creators gives influencers and creators the ability to make their own Shoppable Instagram Posts of the Brands. The creator’s followers can tap on the picture and get the details of the products.

3: Instagram Live Badges:

It is the most creative way to earn money on Instagram. During Instagram  Live these badges appear and when someone purchases these badges, their name comes with the badges and they receive money in return.

Top 6 Ways to Earn 6 Figures Income From Instagram

Finally, you have a clear idea of Instagram monetization tools, Now we will be discussing in detail, How you can earn 6 Figures income through Instagram.

1: Influencer Marketing:

One of the best ways to be paid on Instagram is through Influencer Marketing. You can post useful content daily and get reach for your content. After you reach a wider audience a trust factor is built among them. Now you can advertise products and earn money through them.

2: Promote Affiliate Offers:

Using Instagram Affiliate Tools you can promote products of various brands and earn commission through it. It is like sponsored posts but you will be paid only if any user makes a purchase.

3: Start an Instagram Shop:

With the help of Creators Instagram Shops, you can create your own shops and earn a good amount. You can integrate your e-commerce Store with Instagram and can get more sales.

4: Make Money From your Content:

You can monetize your content like reels, posts, and IGTV on Instagram and earn a great amount with it.

5: Earn through Live Badges:

With the help of the Instagram Live Badges Tool, you can earn a lot of money. For getting more badges you must create a trust factor with the followers and provide them with great content.

6: Become a Coach:

If you have a great knowledge of Instagram, its features, and ways to earn money with Instagram you can become a coach and earn money through your courses.


Instagram is a great Social Networking Site and its users are increasing day by day. Everyone is using Instagram from children to students, to elders. The world’s largest social media platform can bring you 6 figures in income. Instagram Monetization has discovered so many opportunities with the help of which you can make money.

If you love Instagram reels, posts, IGTV, stories, etc you should try all of these and start a successful career ahead.

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