Tulika Aroa


I am Tulika Arora, MD, CEO and co-founder of Media FleetBlue, A digital marketing agency that believes in the power of relentless work. I began this digital marketing agency with Divyansh Raghuwanshi and curated a team of professionals who excel in their fields. We believe in practical research and brand building. We had the pleasure of working for numerous prestigious clients. My career began traditionally, wherein I did a few internships during and after graduation. I could bag a job at Color Yellow Productions with continuous hard work. I got an opportunity to work on two films as a Production Manager.

Apart from all these, I have also worked for various brands like Indian Oil Corporation as the Social Media Manager for five states – Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh & Goa. National organizations like FSSAI have also appreciated us. These multi-tasking roles have helped me immensely with my brands. I made sure that clients’ requests were made a priority always. 

From shoots to pictures, everything is done in a highly professional fashion. Diligent research and highly relatable content have been my USP. I have ensured that my company follows all the social norms, and we have successfully bagged numerous clients. I realized these things at every step because SCM had subconsciously made me an all-rounder. I learned there, and I am still practicing out in the world.

The pandemic hit every one of us differently. When I came to Banaras, which happens to be my hometown, I decided to start something here that I genuinely believe in. Hence, Media FleetBlue came into existence. My team at Media FleetBlue consists of women majorly and diligent men. All the teammates have a common goal of uplifting each other’s work and ensuring that the brand shines bright.

Furthermore, we are a dedicated team of professionals determined to bring change. Recently, we have been a part of Special Olympics Bharat, which organized a National Health Fest for Divyangjan- We Care. We had the privilege of setting a world record in the Guinness Book during this program. We have had the privilege of working in varied sectors and fields, taking up every opportunity to face every challenge. 

As a business consultant and coach, I intend to ensure that quality services reach every brand and every aspiring candidate gets adequate guidance to make a successful living and fantastic career!

Are you ready to bring the change? Let’s begin!